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Company name change notice

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Topartners: Duetothecompany'sdevelopmentneeds,fromJanuary2016,ourcompany'soriginalnameTaixingHengxinElectronicTextileAccessoriesCo.,Ltd.wasrenamedJiangsuHengxinTechnologyCo.,Ltd.Theoriginaltaxnumber32
To partners:
Due to the company's development needs, from January 2016, our company's original name Taixing Hengxin Electronic Textile Accessories Co., Ltd. was renamed Jiangsu Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. The original tax number 321283724185426 was changed to 91321283724185426A, the rest of the information remains unchanged (that is, the receiving address, consignee, contact information, etc.), to bring you. Inconvenience, please forgive me!
Information on remittance and invoice after alteration.
Name: Jiangsu Heng Xin Technology Co., Ltd.
Tax number: 91321283724185426A
Bank: Guangling branch of Taixing Agricultural Bank of China
Account number: 10-225501040004000
Address: West Street, Guangling Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province
Tel: 0523-87305999
Fax: 0523-87306888
Name of the original collection and remittance company: Taixing Hengxin electronic spinning Co., Ltd.
The name of the current collection and remittance company: Jiangsu Heng Xin Technology Co., Ltd.