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Electronic weighting is called purchasing factor.

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Theelectronicweightiscalledthecomponent. Weighingsensor,amplificationcircuit,ADconversioncircuit,singlechipmicrocomputercircuit,displaycircuit,keyboardcircuit,communicationinterfacecircuit,voltageregu
The electronic weight is called the component.
Weighing sensor, amplification circuit, AD conversion circuit, single chip microcomputer circuit, display circuit, keyboard circuit, communication interface circuit, voltage regulated power supply circuit and other circuits. When using electronic weighing scale, we should pay attention to keep the balance stable, avoid vibration, do not put it in our hands, try to put it on the horizontal plane, do not use it in the occasion of strong radio waves and magnetic fields, try to avoid the larger vibration and impact on the scale, so as to avoid damage, long-term use should be taken out of the battery to prevent Battery leakage corrosion electronic scale.
Electronic weighing device is an electronic weighing device which integrates modern sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology.
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