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Heng Xin intelligent height and weight scale, Heng new physical examination machine

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HengXinintelligentheightandweightscale,Hengnewphysicalexaminationmachinecolumn Withoutcomplicatedoperationprocess,itiseasytodetecttheheightandweightdatain2secondsbystandingstraight;withoutcomplicatedm
Heng Xin intelligent height and weight scale, Heng new physical examination machine column
Without complicated operation process, it is easy to detect the height and weight data in 2 seconds by standing straight; without complicated maintenance, it can complete the self-examination and setting maintenance of the system only by maintaining the power supply for 2 hours; let alone super-stable height measurement data, there will be no body with 2 scale error in 100 measurements. Re-read, weigh the new intelligent automatic physical examination machine, has been pursuing better, the best height and weight physical examination experience to each user.
Streamlined fuselage, with blue and white elegant tones, and medical services for the people's purpose to complement each other; imported ultrasonic measurement devices, combined with high-strength metal protective casing, better protection against impact damage and deviation; customized motherboard chip, with a variety of functional UI, can be solid Now there are multiple functions of integrated application. Hengxin intelligent automatic physical examination machine, only unexpected, not impossible, dedicated to your physical examination activities.
Intelligent automatic physical examination machine, automatic induction control voice broadcast system, unmanned physical examination mode, faster and better data acquisition measurement, just stand straight can be achieved height and weight data acquisition, and high-definition LED digital display, voice broadcast data, BMI international standard body mass index prompt lamp a variety of health data Ways of handling.
Of course, there are the choice of printing function, the choice of data storage, blood pressure measurement function, fat rate side facial function, to provide you with the most comprehensive height and weight health data selection, one-stop completion of a variety of physical examinations, so that small partners stunned!
Heng New Brand Intelligent Automatic Physical Examination Machine, more details, please pay attention to, Heng New Intelligent Height Weight Scale, Heng New Physical Examination Machine column.