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Analysis and treatment of common faults of HCS-50 electronic cotton coil scale

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HCS-50 electronic cotton roll scale is not easy to make mistakes in general, once the fault occurs, please find out what is the reason, and do not rush to repair the cotton roll scale scale scale or display instrument, as far as possible according to the display instrument failure, please refer to the "HCS-50 electronic cotton roll scale common fault analysis and treatment":
1, in the course of using, there may be the following situations:
1.1, instrument display "10.10" alarm
In daily use or commissioning, if the instrument displays "10.10" alarm, it may be:
One of the reasons is that the weighing sensor of electronic cotton roller weigher is damaged.
Solution: replace the same size weighing sensor. (I can provide accessories).
The second reason is that the sensor resistance changes or the datum of the instrument is lost in debugging, resulting in the datum drift is negative.
Solution: Re-adjust the datum point, detailed operation reference "HCS-50 electronic cotton roll scale instructions" Chapter 6, Section 1.
Reason three: sensor lead is wrong or broken.
Solution: re connect sensor leads.
1.2. The meter does not show:
There is no indication of repeated power, including the function indicator.
One of the reasons is the fuse fuse of the display.
Solution: replace the same specification of insurance (fuse size 2A).
Reason two: input power leads disconnect;
Solution: 1. Check the connection of the power supply line and the power cord.
Whether it is caused by internal breakage due to force; after finding out the cause, reconnect or replace the new power cord.
Three reasons: instrument internal components damage;
Solution: mail to our company for overhaul.
1.3, showing and weighing without response:
The meter can also display zero position. But the heavy pressure cotton tray has nothing to do with it.
One of the reasons: the sensor lead of the electronic cotton roll scale is not connected well, the sensor lead is broken, or the sensor is broken.
Solution: pick up the lead and check whether the sensor is damaged. See chapter second.
Section "common abnormalities during debugging" section 1. Otherwise, the sensor should be replaced.
Reason two: components of instrument sensor enlarge parts are damaged.
Solution: send back to our department for inspection and repair.
Reason three: because of the violation operation, the calibration data is lost, so that the electronic cotton scale can be stopped.
Solution: need to re-adjust the scale, the detailed operation process see "HCS-50 electronic cotton roll scale instructions" Chapter 6 Section 2.
1.4, we can not return to "zero":
Electronic cotton roll scale platform (tray) without any heavy objects, the display does not show zero, should first press the "zero" button, or power off, after several seconds and then power on, if still does not show "00.00" can be checked and treated as follows:
One reason: Check whether the electronic cotton roll weigher tray and its bracket are in contact with its surrounding fixing parts.
Solution: if there is, try to exclude.
Two reasons: the benchmark is beyond the prescribed scope:
Solution: check or adjust the datum point according to the method mentioned in the sixth chapter.
The third reason is that the connection between the sensor lead end and the terminal is unreliable, or the sensor lead breaks off and causes poor contact.
Solution: tighten the sensor and display connector, or repair broken off sensor leads.
1.5, showing instability:
The weighing values displayed on the display fluctuate over a wide range (within the range of +20g, which is normal) or the numbers jump wildly, or the numbers do not move, or the accentuation does not respond.
One of the reasons is that the pallet support of cotton coil scale is touched or touched by the fixed parts.
Solution: we should try to exclude this situation after examination.
Two reasons: whether the fasteners in the scale of the cotton roller scale are loose, such as pallet support and scale body.
Check and tighten the loose parts.
Solution: if this happens, tighten the fastening screws of the cotton coil scale.
Three of reasons: using environmental vibration is too serious.
Solution: try to improve it.
Cause 4: SCM interference, press the "reset" key or power off seconds and then power on.
Five reasons: meter changes in the meter.
Solution: send it back to our company for inspection and repair.
1.6, the measurement is inaccurate:
HCS-50 electronic cotton roll is allowed to have a weighing error of (+20g) in the course of use, which is abnormal beyond this range.
One of the reasons is that the screw loosening of the fastener of the cotton rolling scale has caused inaccurate measurement.
Solution: check and tighten the loosening screw.
The second reason is that the tray bracket of the electronic cotton roll weigher collides with or has contact with the fixed parts around it.
Solution: check and try to eliminate it.
Reason 3: The reference point is beyond the normal range; that is, first hold down the "set" key, while pressing the "reset" key, three seconds later, release the "reset" key, later release the "set" key. At this time, the instrument displays a certain reference point. (Note: there should be no heavy weight on the pallet).
Solution: If beyond the scope, according to "HCS-50 electronic cotton roll scale instructions" Chapter 6, Section 1, described in the adjustment.
Cause 4: Loss of calibration data, at this time, the weighing error and significantly increased; or may show instability and display the number jump, resulting in weightlessness.
Solution: according to the sixth chapter, check and adjust the reference point first, then calibrate again.
2. During the commissioning of the cotton roll scale, you may encounter the following exceptions