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How to choose the electronic scale reasonably

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The convenient use of electronic weighing apparatus has been widely used in various industries and has been widely used. It not only has high precision measurement, but also realizes multi-function and multi-purpose. Current domestic production
The manufacturers of electronic weighing instruments have developed into hundreds, mainly non-automatic weighing instruments and automatic weighing instruments. The electronic weighing instrument has entered the period of self development and design from the imported technology in the past.
In particular, the development of weighing display controller for non automatic weighing apparatus is developing rapidly. Weighing instruments are divided into automatic weighing instruments and non-automatic weighing instruments, while non-automatic weighing instruments are commonly used in the market.
Weighing apparatus. It is mainly used for trade settlement, but also the most contact with the masses of electronic weighing instruments, such as the widely used electronic valuation scale, electronic scale and electronic truck scale; automatic weighing apparatus
Commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises, such as batching scale, quantitative packaging scale. Electronic weighing instrument is mainly composed of weighing display controller, weighing sensor and electrical control, etc. Rational selection of weighing
Re-display controller and weighing sensor are the key factors to determine the quality of the plant. It determines the accuracy, reliability and fault factor of the scale. How to choose electronic weighing apparatus and weighing reasonably
Display controller is the most concerned problem for users.
1. Selection of electronic weighing instruments sold on the market at present, the accuracy level of the weighing instruments is (III) scale, showing that the scale is generally 3000 degrees, the minimum value of the scale according to the size of the scale from 1 g to 50 kg (for example, 15 kg electronic valuation scale its minimum value of the scale is 5g). When purchasing, take 15 kg electronic scale as an example.
1, the number is stable (without blinking) in the condition of empty scale and maximum weighing.
2. Place a third of the maximum weighing weight (or a weight close to this value) in the range of 1/4 (dividing the weighing table equally into 4 parts)
The number of internal tests is consistent.
3. If the standard weight of the maximum weight is taken on the scale table, the accuracy should be tested.
4. Take the standard weight close to the maximum weight (or the weight close to this value) and load it three times to test whether the number of times is consistent.
5, according to the function keys, test whether the function keys are in good contact and achieve the goal.
Two. Weighing display controller selection.
1, instrument type is divided into its functions: single function, multi-function and special instrument. For example, Taiheng Huibang, Shanghai Yaohua, Changzhou Toledo and other weighing display controller manufacturer's product quality by state supervision and spot checks show that three consecutive years qualified, quality is more stable; the birth of new products marks the domestic production of weighing display controller capacity is becoming stronger, starting point is high, strong function. According to the characteristics of sensor output signal, it can be equipped with analog output signal sensor, also can be equipped with digital output signal sensor, in addition, it has the pricing function, has a multi-meter. The single function instrument in its series has A1--- metering type, A2--- counting type and so on.
2. Multifunctional instrument and single-function instrument: It has strong adaptability and can be widely used in various non-automatic electronic weighing instruments and automatic electronic weighing instruments. But the software development cycle is long and the cost of hardware support is high, so its manufacturing cost is high. Single-function instrument: the software development cycle is short, the hardware is also less, so its manufacturing cost is lower. Special instrument; manufacturing cost between single function and multi-function. In terms of failure rate, multifunction is higher.
3. Selection of instruments should be based on actual needs, not the more functions, the better; B. Selection of products with production licenses for measuring instruments; C. All technical indicators are in line with the national standards for weighing display controllers; D. The key is to check whether they meet the safety requirements. Seek;
4. International and Domestic Weighing Display Controller Dynamics At present, the instruments developed and manufactured at home are usually equipped with only one meter, while the instruments manufactured abroad can be equipped with more than one meter at the same time.
Scale. Its software functions and hardware support can be shared, which reduces manufacturing costs and management costs in use. 5. Attention should be paid to the reliability of safety performance in the development of new instruments. Its technical requirements and measurement should meet the requirements of the main provisions of OIML 76, especially in anti-interference. This is a general optional inspection, but it can reflect the specifications of the technical performance and functional requirements of the display.
6. Maintenance and maintenance of the correct use and timely maintenance of equipment is the key to extend the service life of the equipment, must make measuring instruments used in the prescribed environment, in order to avoid innocent damage to equipment, before operation must be familiar with the use of instructions and technical instructions, after confirmation, can be used.