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Use of electronic weight scales

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Theuseofelectronicweightscales: 1.Whenweighing,pleaseputthescalesonthehardandsmoothground. 2.Inordertoensuretheaccuracyofelectronicweighing,itisbettertotestthepowersupplybeforeusingit. 3.Inordertoavoi
The use of electronic weight scales:
1. When weighing, please put the scales on the hard and smooth ground.
2. In order to ensure the accuracy of electronic weighing, it is better to test the power supply before using it.
3. In order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not place the scale on the carpet or soft ground, stand evenly on the weighing surface, keep the body balance.
4, feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of numerical values.
5. The most headache of the mechanical health scale is the pointer will be offset, need to adjust regularly, to ensure that the pointer is accurate, it is best to pay attention to adjustment before use.
6, you may wish to swaying several times before you use it.
7. When the weighing surface is stable, the LCD will display the weight measurement value, and the current weight value will appear when the screen value is stable.
8. When the subject can walk down the scale, the LCD will return to zero later, and the next weight test can be carried out.
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